Friday, September 16, 2005

Signs of Fall

This morning I spotted a maple tree whose leaves are turning a brilliant orange. Fall and spring are my favorite times of the year. Why?

Change. Positive change.

Fall prepares animals to begin storing food for winter. The leaves turn from their mundane green (not that green is bad) to spectacular colors. The air becomes crisp. Farmers show their stock of pumpkins and apples. Drive down a country road and smell the aroma of burning wood or steaming apple cider. The sun turns to a fiery red while the moon glows brightly.

Spring lures out creatures from their slumber. Blossoms appear ready to show their glory. Smell the fresh air and feel alive. The melting snow reveals grass and fields. Children long to run and play for hours at a time.

How wonderful to see God's glory fully alive. Peace be with you.


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