Wednesday, November 16, 2005

As fall transitions to winter, one of my first thoughts are watching, "A Charlie Brown Christmas". After all these years, I can still picture Linus telling the story of the birth of Jesus. "That's what Christmas is about, Charlie Brown."

In addition to watching the Charlie Brown special, I listen to Vince Guaraldi's, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" CD. I listen to it over and over. Guaraldi has a way with jazz that can't seem to be replicated by anyone. Guaraldi was a master at crafting the piano to tell a story. His tunes have a definite beat to them and continously flow as if they could go on endlessly. If I'm having a particular stressful day, I listen to his CD and dream away.

To find out more about Vince Guaraldi, click here and take my advice: Purchase Guaraldi's, "A Charlie Brown Christmas", grab a hot cup of coffee, and let the music soothe you.


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