Monday, September 19, 2005

In Need of Solitude

On many mornings I feel the rush of people, driving around me, on their way to go somewhere. I find myselft trying to keep up with the pace. It's painful. I've lost control.

Funny how sometimes we take life at a stop-n-go pace. We're either trying to keep up with everyone around us or slow down. Finding a happy medium is almost impossible.

Jesus had this problem. There were moments he was addressing (and feeding) large crowds. There were moments he went off into the distance, away from people, and prayed. Jesus was deliberate in his solitude. A temporary sabbatical from the 'demand'.

We all need to take time away from the 'race'. We all need solitude with our Father who art in Heaven.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Signs of Fall

This morning I spotted a maple tree whose leaves are turning a brilliant orange. Fall and spring are my favorite times of the year. Why?

Change. Positive change.

Fall prepares animals to begin storing food for winter. The leaves turn from their mundane green (not that green is bad) to spectacular colors. The air becomes crisp. Farmers show their stock of pumpkins and apples. Drive down a country road and smell the aroma of burning wood or steaming apple cider. The sun turns to a fiery red while the moon glows brightly.

Spring lures out creatures from their slumber. Blossoms appear ready to show their glory. Smell the fresh air and feel alive. The melting snow reveals grass and fields. Children long to run and play for hours at a time.

How wonderful to see God's glory fully alive. Peace be with you.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


People of different backgrounds come to Starbucks. The casual conversations are interesting.
I hear...
and laughing.

One thing remains the same: We are all people.
(People who just happen to love a good cup of coffee!)

I sit with my Venti dark roast and watch two women speak. They each have two children, same ages, boys and girls. They all play together very well. I see the faces of others around me irked by the children playing. Some make their way to tables outside to continue their babble while others leave.

But the children continue playing, paying no mind to the disgruntled latte drinkers. I love their carefree laughter; their smiles are wide with joy.

What happened to us that we stopped being so carefree? When did we go from enjoying life to dreading it? Do we put ourselves in difficult circumstances that cause us weariness?

This is not what Jesus had in mind when he told us to "live life to the full". Jesus wants us to enjoy life. Enjoy it more than a cup of Starbucks coffee.

Strangers. That's all they were. Strangers.

He knew them, but they didn't know him.
He knew what they were thinking.
He knew what was in their hearts.
Sinners, sick, abandoned, hurt, tired...they were strangers needing Him.

His touch.
His words.

This is the Jesus I know. This is the Savior I follow.

Amidst my sometimes hardened head, there's a heart longing to reach out to all who need Him.
To see Him.
To touch Him.
To hear Him.
To experience boundless love and grace.
To be forgiven.

This is what followers of Christ are supposed to do. We are called to serve Him.

He is Jesus the Christ.